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Hair Loss Solutions from Christopher Baguley Ltd

The numerous chemotherapy treatments that cancer patients undergo causes severe hair loss. The situation is unavoidable and unpleasant. It can severely lower an individual’s self-esteem and make the process of treatment even more traumatic. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary either way, you need to a supplier of hair pieces that will offer an effective Hair Loss Solution specific for you. Christopher Baguley Ltd is the leading supplier having the most exquisite Hair Loss Solutions on the market. We have a wide variety of hair pieces that will suit all your requirements.

About our dependable Hair Loss Solutions

Christopher Baguley  is based in Hale, Cheshire and has been in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years. The company was inspired by observing how hard it gets for cancer patients to deal with hair loss during the chemotherapy treatments. Our main aim is to offer bespoke Hair Loss Solution for Cancer patients to help them through the difficult period and also regain their self-esteem. We specialise in the finest quality hairpieces and handmade wigs. Our pieces are suitable for women, men and children. The hair pieces are made with 100% human hair which is designed and styled to meet your preferences.

Our ready-made collections provide a marvellous range of Hair Loss Solution for Cancer individuals. It does not matter if your hair loss is caused by alopecia, chemotherapy or it is hereditary, we are here to provide the solution that you need. We offer free consultancy to properly determine what hair piece will meet your preferences, personality and facial features. We personally and carefully select your hair which will match your desired colour, length and texture. We only use high-quality human Remy hair which can be washed, treated, dyed and styled normally. Unlike other wigs, our wigs are light, soft and breathable hence you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

It does not matter if you need a complete handmade wig, three-quarter or full wig, we will ensure that you get a carefully crafted, designed and expertly cut hairstyle that meets your expectations. Please contact us through our telephone number 0161 233 0222 and book a consultation with us.


Our prices for high-quality synthetic range from £250. For 100% Human hair prices start from just £595. Our Bespoke custom handmade hair starts from £950. We also offer Non-surgical hair replacement for men that’s nearly impossible to recognize. Our other hair loss solution for men includes custom made hairpieces and toupees as well as custom made bespoke invisible lace hair systems. It does not matter if your hair loss is a receding hairline, full crown or patches of baldness we can definitely help. Visit our website to get more information on our incredible hairpieces that provide a Hair Loss Solution for all situations.

Wig Designer In Cheshire

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The best wig designer in Cheshire

Your hair is a very inherent part of your individuality. To women, it represents unparalleled beauty and sophistication. To men, it’s a symbol of style and uniqueness. Hair is undoubtedly important among all ages. This causes hair loss, whether premature or not, very upsetting. Receiving news that your hair is falling off can be stressful. However, Christopher Baguley’s Private Hair Clinic has the solution. Dubbed as the most outstanding wig designer in Cheshire, Christopher has over 25 years of experience as a professional hairdresser. He’s interacted with numerous customers who’ve undergone chemotherapy. Although such a time is bewildering for the victim, Christopher offers a discrete and sympathetic guide through all the available solutions.

wig designer in cheshireAbout our exquisite services

Any wig designer in Cheshire can tell you just how important a good wig can be. It rejuvenates people and adds a gleeful spark on their faces. Women with a hair loss problem usually have self-esteem issues. However, with a good wig hairdo, they can regain their confidence. Baguley’s of Cheshire specializes in making exquisitely-woven handmade wigs for all women. Our affordable hair loss solutions have continued to endear us among our female clients. We offer unique, bespoke solutions to every individual. This helps you to achieve an incredible look at an excellent price.

When designing your wig, we consider several things. For instance, we check the condition and extent of your hair loss. We also look at the area to be covered by the wig. Depending on these factors, we can either recommend a custom-made hairpiece or a completely handmade wig. Both are created using the finest human Remy hair. A more affordable option would be our high-quality cyber-fiber or synthetic wigs, both of which are readily available in our stores. No other wig designer in Cheshire gives you such a tremendous variety to choose from.

The severity of your condition doesn’t matter, we can design a beautiful wig to fit you exclusively. Hair loss can inevitably occur due to old age, chemotherapy sessions, alopecia and other reasons. We understand how uncomfortable and upsetting this stage can be for you. This is why we’ve vowed to see you through this troubling stage and return your smile. When designing your custom-made wig, we select the hair that’ll easily match your preferred color, length, texture and curl. To fully comprehend all the nitty-gritties of your wig requirements, we offer you a free consultation that lasts for up to 45 minutes.

As a respected wig designer in Cheshire, we only provide the best quality wigs. All our hair loss solutions are pain free. In addition, they can be applied to any region on the head regardless of the kind of hair loss you’re experiencing. Our exceptional human Remy hair can be treated like normal hair. You can therefore wash it, style it and dye it as you desire. Average mediocre wigs cause you to feel itchy and generally uncomfortable. Our exquisite handmade wigs, on the other hand, are soft, light and breathable. Visit for detailed information about our high-quality wigs.


Mens Wigs in Manchester

Baguley’s of Cheshiregents_image_1 are hair loss specialists who understand how difficult it can be to lose your hair. They have over 25 years of experience in the hair loss industry and therefore they are able to understand the different requirements each client may have and offer each client a bespoke and unique solution. Baguley’s of Cheshire offer men’s wigs in Manchester for those who feel a surgical solution isn’t for them for whatever reason. Whether you have a receding hairline, patches of baldness or even the full crown, Baguley’s of Cheshire can offer you a solution.


Non surgical hair replacement is invisible to the human eye and is very different to ordinary ready made men’s hair pieces. A copy of your scalp where your hair is thinning will be taken. Then a bespoke hair piece will be made which is invisibly fixed for 5 to 6 weeks to your head which will hide the problem area with directional partings and invisible single hair follicles in the hairline. The systems are made from the finest quality of human hair, so it can be treated normally such as washing, styling and even dyed as you please. Giving you the freedom and confidence to look however you wish.


As these hair pieces are fixed to your head there is no maintenance that you have to do. However, you will need to have an appointment every 3 to 5 weeks as you would to visit your regular hairdresser so they can trim and style your existing hair and reattach the system.

Unlike many wigs which can become hot and itchy, men’s wigs from Baguley’s of Cheshire are discrete and handmade to your exact specifications as your hair colour will be matched perfectly even if it means mixing different colours of hair together to achieve a perfect match. Leaving your new wig your little secret.


Baguley’s of Cheshire create incredible men’s wigs in Manchester for a whole range of reasons. Therefore if you have been looking for a hair loss solution, contact Baguley’s of Cheshire today for more information on 0161 233 0222 or to arrange a free consultation.