Hair Loss Solutions for Alopecia

If you’re suffering from Alopecia, Baguley’s of Cheshire would like to help. Although they cannot treat your condition or take it away they can give you a solutions to your hair loss with their handmade wigs, custom made hair pieces and volumising enhancers.

Chris Baguley is a specialist in hair loss solutions and has helped hundreds of clients across the North West and the UK. Here is a testimonial from Chris himself and how he helped Debbie with her hair loss caused by her Alopecia condition:


“Debbie contacted me with her Alopecia. Her condition was getting steadily worse, to the point that it was becoming very difficult to hide the thinning at the back. Every time the wind blew it was a constant worry.

Debbie did not need a full wig. I designed a volumising enhancer with mixed blonde colours. This foundation only covers from the front fringe to the back of the crown. It’s a bit like a vale over your own hair. This can be removed every night or permanently fixed for 2-4 weeks.

If you would like a free consultation, Please leave me a message through the website CONTACTS or call me for a private chat”.


Whats exceptional about Chris and his services is the fact he wants to help you and provide you with quality. You tend to find many companies give you the most expensive option without evening analysing if it is the best solution for you. Below are some before and after photos of Debbie so you can see the level of quality and brilliance that Chris is able to achieve:


Hair loss solutions for people suffering from Alopecia from Baguley's of Cheshire


Custom made hairpieces Manchester from Baguley's of Cheshire


If you would like your confidence and self-esteem back then contact Baguley’s of Cheshire and see if they can help, call 01612330222.

Cyberhair – The most revolutionary hair in the world!

Those familiar with hair extensions and wigs will probably know the big names such as Remy but there is a new brand sweeping across the world and causing a storm in sales! Cyberhair is the regarded as the worlds most revolutionary hair, it has advanced technology that no other hair can compare with due to its durability, beauty and quality.

custom made hairpieces in Altrincham from Baguley's of Cheshire

Men and women across Europe, Asia and the US are already big fans as they can style, wash, cut and dry Cyberhair as they please. Not only can you wear your Cyberhair however you choose but it feels 100% natural and looks completely realistic.

Advantages of Cyberhair:

  • For complete comfort and secure wear-ability Cyberhair has a super light weight cap construction
  • Individualized custom fit
  • Hand tied and light
  • refine materials
  • Wide range of colours including highlights
  • Textured hair is also available

Cyberhair can be used to create a handmade wigs, custom made hairpiece, toupee or lace wig. If you are currently suffering from hair loss and you need a fast, cost effective and lasting solution call today on 01612330222 or click here to fill in our quick contact form.


The Difference between a handmade wig and a custom made hairpiece

If you are thinking about getting a handmade wig or custom made hairpiece you should know which option is best suited to you and your needs. Both options are highly effective solutions to hair loss problems regardless of how severe your hair loss condition may be.

The difference between a handmade wig and custom made hairpiece is based on the area of your head that needs covering, this will be determined in a free design consultation. Your design consultation will identify how big the area is that needs covering, if this is only a small proportion of the head then a custom made hairpiece will be the most appropriate option. If you are losing hair on the majority of your head and the area is large then a handmade wig is for you.


Custom made hairpieces for women in Manchester from Baguley's of Cheshire



A custom made hairpiece can cover part of the scalp or it may be added to your existing hair to make it look thicker and more fuller. Like wigs, hairpieces can be created to look 100% natural and realistic using highlighted hair and multi tones to get an exact match of your natural hair colour. While wigs cover the entire scalp, a hairpiece can cover specific areas of the head and there is a variation of how the hairpiece can be worn.


Only a wig will cover the whole of your head so there is a big difference between both hair loss solutions and the effects of both are visually evident. A handmade wig made with 100% human Remy hair and carefully crafted and styled will look completely natural and realistic, fooling every onlooker that passes you by. We do advise that cheap wigs will always look cheap as the hair is synthetic and usually looks plastic. Fake wigs are great for parties and fancy dress but they are not an ideal solution to cover your hair loss if you plan on wearing your wig or hairpiece on a regular basis.


lace wigs for ladies in Manchester from Baguley's of Cheshire.

Lace wigs from Baguley's of Cheshire for ladies in Altrincham.




By investing in a quality handmade wig or custom made hairpiece you will get so many benefits, one of the biggest benefits you will receive is your confidence back. Here at Baguley’s of Cheshire we specialise in creating handmade wigs and custom made hairpieces that are tailored to your requirements and styled to whatever hairstyle you wish.

Please get in contact to discuss your hair loss solutions and we can arrange a convenient time for your private consultation. Please call 01612330222 or click here to contact us via the website.

4 Tips to keep in mind when finding a wig!


Four points to keep in mind when finding your perfect wig or hair piece.

1. Professional Consultations – a professional consultation can give you really helpful advice, support and comfort, and help you realise which hair loss solution is best for you.

2. Get a wig or hair piece that actually fits! – your hair piece should fit you perfectly and blend beautifully with your existing hair to compliment your appearance, it should improve your confidence.

3. Have a well styled wig or hair piece – your hair piece should be customised so you are 100% happy with it, the cut should make it look like your hair and not a hair piece.

4. Aftercare – making your hair piece last as long as possible is very important.

For handmade wigs, custom made hairpieces, lace wigs, toupees and bespoke hair systems please contact us at Baguley’s of Cheshire so we can provide you with our services tailored to your requirements and wishes. Call our salon in Hale, Cheshire on 01612330222 or email