Hair Loss Solutions for Alopecia

If you’re suffering from Alopecia, Baguley’s of Cheshire would like to help. Although they cannot treat your condition or take it away they can give you a solutions to your hair loss with their handmade wigs, custom made hair pieces and volumising enhancers.

Chris Baguley is a specialist in hair loss solutions and has helped hundreds of clients across the North West and the UK. Here is a testimonial from Chris himself and how he helped Debbie with her hair loss caused by her Alopecia condition:


“Debbie contacted me with her Alopecia. Her condition was getting steadily worse, to the point that it was becoming very difficult to hide the thinning at the back. Every time the wind blew it was a constant worry.

Debbie did not need a full wig. I designed a volumising enhancer with mixed blonde colours. This foundation only covers from the front fringe to the back of the crown. It’s a bit like a vale over your own hair. This can be removed every night or permanently fixed for 2-4 weeks.

If you would like a free consultation, Please leave me a message through the website CONTACTS or call me for a private chat”.


Whats exceptional about Chris and his services is the fact he wants to help you and provide you with quality. You tend to find many companies give you the most expensive option without evening analysing if it is the best solution for you. Below are some before and after photos of Debbie so you can see the level of quality and brilliance that Chris is able to achieve:


Hair loss solutions for people suffering from Alopecia from Baguley's of Cheshire


Custom made hairpieces Manchester from Baguley's of Cheshire


If you would like your confidence and self-esteem back then contact Baguley’s of Cheshire and see if they can help, call 01612330222.

Cyberhair – The most revolutionary hair in the world!

Those familiar with hair extensions and wigs will probably know the big names such as Remy but there is a new brand sweeping across the world and causing a storm in sales! Cyberhair is the regarded as the worlds most revolutionary hair, it has advanced technology that no other hair can compare with due to its durability, beauty and quality.

custom made hairpieces in Altrincham from Baguley's of Cheshire

Men and women across Europe, Asia and the US are already big fans as they can style, wash, cut and dry Cyberhair as they please. Not only can you wear your Cyberhair however you choose but it feels 100% natural and looks completely realistic.

Advantages of Cyberhair:

  • For complete comfort and secure wear-ability Cyberhair has a super light weight cap construction
  • Individualized custom fit
  • Hand tied and light
  • refine materials
  • Wide range of colours including highlights
  • Textured hair is also available

Cyberhair can be used to create a handmade wigs, custom made hairpiece, toupee or lace wig. If you are currently suffering from hair loss and you need a fast, cost effective and lasting solution call today on 01612330222 or click here to fill in our quick contact form.


Different Types of Hair

Believe it or not your hair texture and colour varies depending on which country you are from, this isn’t always the case but for the majority you will find this to be true. So there are different types of hair for different countries, but some hair types will obviously share similarities as well as having their own differences. So what type of hair would be suitable for you? lets take a look what they are:

SIMILARITIES – In Asian hair, European hair , Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair Your will find with virgin hair types there is natural movement with minimal shedding and tangling. The texture can be processed in wavy, straight or curly and colours are not even throughout the bulk. Typically hair from a sunny country tends to be lighter or darker then the rest of the weft due the sunlight exposure.


Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is extremely popular for its many qualities, it is has beautiful texture, bounce and full body and is available in straight, curly or wavy styles. Another great quality of Brazilian hair is it’s versatility, being available in a range of different lengths and colours and always looks sleek, shiny and smooth. The straight form of hair isn’t what we call pin straight, it does usually have light waves. This particularly type of hair usually holds curls for longer compared to Indian hair and as it holds curls incredibly well its great for all types of hairstyles and even curls when wets. It is most popular in west-African countries for its textures. If you take good care of your Brazilian hair the duration will last and will not require any special maintenance.

Malaysian Hair

This type of hair is best suited to those who require volume, thickness and full body as its possesses qualities for being thick, having great bounce and heavy body. The hair tends to look overly shiny but this will disperse after 2 or 3 washes and becomes more natural. Malaysian hair is shinier, softer and silkier then Indian hair and will hold curls far better, however be careful not to overdo the hair oil as this can give the hair a typical “wiggy” and greasy look. Also if this hair is not taken hair of properly by applying regular conditioning treatments it will become dry causing it to tangle. You wont have to wash this hair that often because of its heavy density, you can be sure this hair will give you bounce and heavy body and is usually available in dark colours.

Peruvian Hair

Ideally this hair is suitable for African-American hair types and medium Caucasian hair types because of its thick and coarse texture. It has easy to manage qualities even if the hair has not been maintained properly and feels very lightweight. We recommend Peruvian hair for a sleek straight look and works great for short and edgy styles.

If you would like anymore information of the different types of hair or our services for bespoke wigs and custom made hairpieces please do not hesitate to contact me on 01612330222 or email me at