Autumn Hair

Depending on which wig option you have gone for you may want a change while the lovely Autumn season has arrived. I fully appreciate if you have paid a large amount of money for your wig for better quality, then you will want to stick with the wig until it is no longer usable. If, however you chose a cheaper option such as the synthetic or duo fibre wig from our Classic Collection then you may wish to consider a change, something new, something you.

We ladies love to play around with our hair, changing styles once or twice a year with a new colour. So why does that have to change? We say swap and change your wig as much as you like if it makes you feel good and happy, why not change it each time our seasons change?

We have selected our favourite wigs for Autumn, enjoy ladies…

autum wig


autum 2


autum 3


autum 4


autum 5


autum 6


autum 7


We hope you find these styles as fabulous as we did which are perfect for the Autumn months. If you would to view more from our Classic Collection please go to:

If you would any assistance in choosing a wig or you would like to enquire about our bespoke wig services please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 233 0222 or 07855 952 013.



We can replicate exactly what your old hair use to look like

We can replicate exactly what your old hair use to look like and we can go even better, making it look 10 times better then what it use to. Although your hair is not your own, we promise no one will know the difference and before you know it you will have your confidence and self-esteem back once again!

In July we helped a young lady named Devon who had sadly lost her hair due to alopecia, here is Devon’s story and what she thinks about her new wig created by myself Chris Baguley…

“After a long battle of suffering with alopecia areata for 18 months and loosing nearly all of my long blonde hair, I finally discovered Chris at Baguleys of Cheshire. My expectations were exceeded when Chris designed a full wig piece to perfection which to mine and all of my family and friends amazement looks exactly like my old hair. I would like to say thank you for all your time, support and dedication that you put in to making me feel happy again and giving me that confidence to wanting to step out of that front door again. The before and after service that you have provided has been excellent and I would 100% recommend Baguley’s of Cheshire to anyone”.  

This is Devon with her hair loss…

devon1 (1)


As you can see from the pictures how bad the balding area was…



devon 2


This is the wig hairpiece that I created for Devon prior to dying, cutting and styling…

devon1 (2)

This is Devon after her new wig hairpiece was fitted to her scalp, died and styled to her exact requirements.



devon 3


If you suffer from alopecia or you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy, medication or illness please contact our salon in Cheshire on 0161 233 0222

We specialise in Chemotherapy Wigs…

This month I have helped another lady who sadly she lost her hair due to chemotherapy and was greatly upset about the whole situation so for me I knew I had to put a smile back on her face and help to her as best as I could by creating the most perfect and suitable wig for her.

Julie came to me after her chemotherapy to design a custom made wig to her requirements.

We designed and highlighted her wig with Virgin un-processed human hair to give a very natural highlighted look like her hair use to be. Julie has been delighted with the results. All her friends can’t believe it’s a wig as it looks completely natural and realistic.

Below are some photos to show you how Julie looked before her new wig and after..

This is Julie before she lost her hair due to chemotherapy…

julie before chemo


Julie after chemotherapy


julie with hair loss


Julie with her beautiful new hair…




At Baguley’s of Cheshire we can provide you with a custom made wig, designed ans crafted to meet your exact wishes as well as toupees, hairpieces and ready made hair systems which use synthetic fibre instead of human hair, nevertheless the quality is never compromised.

If you have undergone chemotherapy, have alopecia or lost your hair due to age contact our salon today in Cheshire to see if we can help you with our bespoke and cost effective hair loss solutions for men and women on 01612330222.

Little Princess Trust

lpt-logoI would like to let everyone know that I am now a registered member of Little Princess Trust who pay me to make handmade wigs and hairpieces for children under 18 who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and radio therapy treatment for cancer.

7I will be adding a page to my website for the children’s wigs I create for Little Princess Trust and I will be able to keep you updated with testimonials and photos from these beautiful, brave and inspirational children that I have helped through my services and skills so please keep a look out for this page coming soon. There are currently blogs on the internet about Lucy’s story, a wonderful girl aged 15 who I provide a real hair hairpiece for as she had permanent hair loss due to radio therapy treatment, if you would like to read Lucy’s story please click the link:

I would like to tell you a little bit about the charity I am working with and what they do for children. Firstly Little Princess Trust are a UK based charity which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children under 18 who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Their job is to find specialist wig makers and suppliers like myself to make these wigs for the children, as realistic and natural as possible using only the highest quality 100% human hair and then cutting and styling them to the clients exact requirements and wishes.

As well as helping children with hair loss from cancer treatment they also help children who have lost their hair due to other illnesses such as alopecia. On their website you can donate your hair or money to them, if you would like to make a kind donation please click on the link:

I am extremely happy that I can be part of such a fantastic charity, helping so many inspiring children by giving them beautiful hair and putting smiles back on their faces. If you know anyone who is currently going through this or something similar contact us or the charity and see if we can help.