Wigs need not look like wigs…

Trouble is today there are so many wig shops that sell wigs which look like wigs, you know what I mean, that tatty, synthetic and scruffy look. This is a shame as it puts a perception in peoples heads that all wigs look like this which is far from the truth. Now it does all come down to, you oay for what you get and cheap wigs look cheap, whereas more expensive wigs are far better quality and look completely natural so it all depends on what you want and are looking for.

If you’re looking for a wig just to add some volume and length to your hair when you’re off on a night out out then you might want something a little cheaper but if you need a wig to hide hair loss whether its caused by a condition like alopecia, age or chemotherapy then you might want something that is better quality and looks natural such as a handmade wig or a custom made hairpiece.

Even ready made wigs can be high quality, using human hair then cut and styled to your exact requirements. These type of wigs can be worn everyday and even fixed to your scalp for a period of time so you never have to mess about styling and re-positioning your wig. Below are some images of a ready made wig that is high quality and looks completely realistic. If you like this type of wig, get in touch today and we can give you as much advice as you need and even book you in for a free and private consultation at our salon.

wig bags 2

wig bags