10 Top Tips for Turbans and Head Scarfs

I recently came across a great blog with some fantastic tips on how to tie and style a turban and head scarf which I thought would be of good use to some of my clients who are suffering from hair loss, particularly those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and alopecia.

Turban and Head Scarf Tips

1) Buy a head scarf and wrap it around the back of your head then tie both pieces at the front to make a knotted turban which is perfect for covering the whole head and scalp.



Image source: tapouillon.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=turban


2) Wrap a folded scarf around your head and then tie into a tight and neat bow at the front of your head for a super cute and everyday style.


Image source: prettymethis.com/all-tied-up/

3) Fold a scarf into a triangle, then place the scarf on your head with the center point of the triangle facing forward and the sides hanging down each of your shoulders. Grab both sides then bring them to the top of your head then twist them twice to create the knot. Once knotted bring both the sides to the back and then tie in a very tight knot to keep the turban in place. Please click here to view a visual tutorial. This is one of my person favs for its funky and quirky style, perfect for every day occasions.


Image source: honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-turban

4) Buy a thin head scarf and braid it into your hair as you plate your hair. You can do this with long length wigs and hair pieces, if you have a short wig not to worry simply tie the scarf around the your hair line like a head band and knot the two pieces at the side of your head so they dangle down your shoulders. This style is a great little accessory to any outfit and works even better if you can find one that matches.


Image source: www.lateafternoonblog.com

5) Buy a silky and funky retro headscarf and tie it in a knot at the front of your head for a super cool addition to any outfit.


Image source: seamlessblog.wordpress.com

6) Create a messy head wrap by folding your head scarf into a triangle then knot the ends together at the front but leave the ends un-tucked. You can find a tutorial for this by clicking here.


Image source: alidamakes.com/2013/04/easy-diy-head-wrap.html

8) For a beautiful boho style with a rosette head scarf you have to fold the scarf and fit it around your head so both ends at the front of your head then bring the ends back around your head so it crosses over then cross it over again at the back of the head. Then bring the two ends back to the front and tie the scarf tight. Tie the ends in a double knot then wrap the ends around the knot to create a rosette. Then bring the ends to the back of your head knot together and tuck in so it looks neat. You can then mess around with the rosette till your happy with the look.


Image source: blog.freepeople.com/2013/05/get-summer-head-scarf/

9) For a 50’s retro twisted turban follow these steps: 1) Find a scarf 2) Fold the scarf into a triangle 3) Place the triangle on your head and bring the two sides to the front 4) tie the two ends on top of the first end so it sticks out 5) Tuck the ends into the sides of the scarf 6) Grab the first corner of the scarf and pull it up and over, tucking it into the knot from corner 7) If the corners are sticking out a little you can roll them under the scarf


Image source: tobebeautifulingodseyes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/classic-1950s-headscarf-tutorial.html

10) For a simple yet beautiful twisted turban follow this easy tutorial by clicking here.


Image source: www.aliciafashionista.com/2013/02/from-scarf-to-headband-le-headscarf.html

I hope these will be useful for you, and its always good to have a few little tips under your sleeves. I’m pretty sure you;re already on your way out the door buying a weeks worth of head scarf and turbans. We do sell a beautiful range of turbans for chemotherapy and alopecia patients which you can view on our page: www.baguleysofcheshire.co.uk/index.php/ready-made-hair-systems/turbane/

If you’re considering a wig why not have it made to suit your exact style, character and requirements. We are one of the North West’s leading wig specialists and have helped hundreds of women and men to transform their images and confidence with our bespoke wigs and toupees.

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Blog source: www.divinecaroline.com/fashion/style-guides/how-tie-headscarf-10-brilliant-ideas-pinterest?page=0

We specialise in Chemotherapy Wigs…

This month I have helped another lady who sadly she lost her hair due to chemotherapy and was greatly upset about the whole situation so for me I knew I had to put a smile back on her face and help to her as best as I could by creating the most perfect and suitable wig for her.

Julie came to me after her chemotherapy to design a custom made wig to her requirements.

We designed and highlighted her wig with Virgin un-processed human hair to give a very natural highlighted look like her hair use to be. Julie has been delighted with the results. All her friends can’t believe it’s a wig as it looks completely natural and realistic.

Below are some photos to show you how Julie looked before her new wig and after..

This is Julie before she lost her hair due to chemotherapy…

julie before chemo


Julie after chemotherapy


julie with hair loss


Julie with her beautiful new hair…




At Baguley’s of Cheshire we can provide you with a custom made wig, designed ans crafted to meet your exact wishes as well as toupees, hairpieces and ready made hair systems which use synthetic fibre instead of human hair, nevertheless the quality is never compromised.

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