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Baguley’s of Cheshiregents_image_1 are hair loss specialists who understand how difficult it can be to lose your hair. They have over 25 years of experience in the hair loss industry and therefore they are able to understand the different requirements each client may have and offer each client a bespoke and unique solution. Baguley’s of Cheshire offer men’s wigs in Manchester for those who feel a surgical solution isn’t for them for whatever reason. Whether you have a receding hairline, patches of baldness or even the full crown, Baguley’s of Cheshire can offer you a solution.


Non surgical hair replacement is invisible to the human eye and is very different to ordinary ready made men’s hair pieces. A copy of your scalp where your hair is thinning will be taken. Then a bespoke hair piece will be made which is invisibly fixed for 5 to 6 weeks to your head which will hide the problem area with directional partings and invisible single hair follicles in the hairline. The systems are made from the finest quality of human hair, so it can be treated normally such as washing, styling and even dyed as you please. Giving you the freedom and confidence to look however you wish.


As these hair pieces are fixed to your head there is no maintenance that you have to do. However, you will need to have an appointment every 3 to 5 weeks as you would to visit your regular hairdresser so they can trim and style your existing hair and reattach the system.

Unlike many wigs which can become hot and itchy, men’s wigs from Baguley’s of Cheshire are discrete and handmade to your exact specifications as your hair colour will be matched perfectly even if it means mixing different colours of hair together to achieve a perfect match. Leaving your new wig your little secret.


Baguley’s of Cheshire create incredible men’s wigs in Manchester for a whole range of reasons. Therefore if you have been looking for a hair loss solution, contact Baguley’s of Cheshire today for more information on 0161 233 0222 or to arrange a free consultation.



We change lives – read our latest testimonial here

The hair enhancement has given me a confidence in my appearance that was previously lacking. I have had fine hair for as long as I can remember but as I got older my hair became thinner and thinner. I was very self conscious when meeting anyone taller that me or whilst walking down stairs when I knew someone above would have a view of my scalp. 
I first came to see you in December (on my 60th birthday) and  we discussed the options available to me. I returned for my consultation in February and by April I had my new hair enhancement. I am so impressed with it that I ordered a second one within weeks. I initially thought that I would only wear it occasionally – but this proved not to be the case. I wear it everyday whether that be to the gym, walking up in the hills or just around the house.
I have received so many compliments from friends and family and feel so much better about my appearance. 
Thanks so much Chris.
We were so proud to receive this kind message from our client Stella, it really does give us huge satisfaction that we are able to transform a persons image, confidence and self-esteem so they can enjoy live again. Below are some before and after photos we have taken of Stella to show you why she is so impressed with her new hair systems:
stellas collage
stella collage

Wigs need not look like wigs…

Trouble is today there are so many wig shops that sell wigs which look like wigs, you know what I mean, that tatty, synthetic and scruffy look. This is a shame as it puts a perception in peoples heads that all wigs look like this which is far from the truth. Now it does all come down to, you oay for what you get and cheap wigs look cheap, whereas more expensive wigs are far better quality and look completely natural so it all depends on what you want and are looking for.

If you’re looking for a wig just to add some volume and length to your hair when you’re off on a night out out then you might want something a little cheaper but if you need a wig to hide hair loss whether its caused by a condition like alopecia, age or chemotherapy then you might want something that is better quality and looks natural such as a handmade wig or a custom made hairpiece.

Even ready made wigs can be high quality, using human hair then cut and styled to your exact requirements. These type of wigs can be worn everyday and even fixed to your scalp for a period of time so you never have to mess about styling and re-positioning your wig. Below are some images of a ready made wig that is high quality and looks completely realistic. If you like this type of wig, get in touch today and we can give you as much advice as you need and even book you in for a free and private consultation at our salon.

wig bags 2

wig bags


Hair Loss Solutions for Alopecia

If you’re suffering from Alopecia, Baguley’s of Cheshire would like to help. Although they cannot treat your condition or take it away they can give you a solutions to your hair loss with their handmade wigs, custom made hair pieces and volumising enhancers.

Chris Baguley is a specialist in hair loss solutions and has helped hundreds of clients across the North West and the UK. Here is a testimonial from Chris himself and how he helped Debbie with her hair loss caused by her Alopecia condition:


“Debbie contacted me with her Alopecia. Her condition was getting steadily worse, to the point that it was becoming very difficult to hide the thinning at the back. Every time the wind blew it was a constant worry.

Debbie did not need a full wig. I designed a volumising enhancer with mixed blonde colours. This foundation only covers from the front fringe to the back of the crown. It’s a bit like a vale over your own hair. This can be removed every night or permanently fixed for 2-4 weeks.

If you would like a free consultation, Please leave me a message through the website CONTACTS or call me for a private chat”.


Whats exceptional about Chris and his services is the fact he wants to help you and provide you with quality. You tend to find many companies give you the most expensive option without evening analysing if it is the best solution for you. Below are some before and after photos of Debbie so you can see the level of quality and brilliance that Chris is able to achieve:


Hair loss solutions for people suffering from Alopecia from Baguley's of Cheshire


Custom made hairpieces Manchester from Baguley's of Cheshire


If you would like your confidence and self-esteem back then contact Baguley’s of Cheshire and see if they can help, call 01612330222.